Corel VideoStudio Pro Review: Edit Videos Easily

Corel VideoStudio Pro Review: Edit Videos Easily

Are you one of those regular people that like to watch videos on YouTube and wonder how easy it is to make them for yourself? You would be surprised how easy it really can be to create and edit videos. You could even make a little money on the side making videos for your friends.

How Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5 Works?

First, you have to have a program to handle the video creating and editing and possibly get one of the best video editing software. There are many options available from high-end professional grade software which will run your hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, for you, I have a great option for you to consider, and it will not set you back all that money. There is a great little program called Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5 that will get you started and does not cost an arm and a leg.  

It is packed with many of the same features that you will find in the much more expensive programs, but it is much more affordable.


Corel VideoStudio Pro Review

The software comes with everything you will need to create great-looking HD movies for yourself. You will be able to create, edit and render your video so you can share the results with everyone. This includes YouTube, Facebook and mobile devices such as Apple iPhones and iPad’s.

3D Video Feature

It also includes special tools to that will have to make 3D videos and if you purchase the box version of the software package it includes a free pair of 3D glasses so you can enjoy the videos you created.

Stop Motion Animation

Along with 3D videos, Corel added a few other favorite video techniques like; Stop-motion Animation and Time-Lapse video making.

Using this excellent feature, you can create your very own animated videos for your kids and even share them with your friends on YouTube.

Time – Lapse Photography

Time lapse feature makes your editing easier with the excellent options. You can use this feature for advanced editing.

With tool you can create great looking videos that can combine and entire days’ worth of video into a few short minutes by speeding up the video playback.

Easy to Use Timeline

The software was created with everyday users in mind, which means you do not need training in video editing to get started with Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5 editing software.

It begins with a timeline so you will be able to plug in your elements from the navigation panels. This includes titles, audio, and other things.

Sharing Feature

Once you have your video all done, you will be ready to share it on YouTube or other sites online. In case you prefer CD, DVD or even Blu-Ray DVD’s you will find tools integrated to burn your videos to any one of those types of media.

What are the Hardware Requirements?

You really don’t need special hardware on your computer to run this software, but because of the rendering of video files uses a lot of computer resources including RAM and processing cycles.

So if you are looking for performance, it would be recommended that you consider one of the higher end 2nd generation Intel Core and AMD processors and 4 or more GB’s of RAM. It would be a great to have lots of hard drive space to hold enormous files.

Final Verdict: Does VideoStudio Pro X9.5 Worth the Price?

In conclusion, you really don’t need a whole lot of experience to get started creating your very own video with Corel VideoStudio Pro software. It is one of the popular product of Corel.


You can also get lots of tips from tutorial videos made to assist you to get the most out your software. As of 2016, Corel VideoStudio Pro is included in the top 10 Amazon Best Seller’s Rankings.

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